What Are the Best Youtube Channels for Hair Tutorials

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Image by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Are you tired of struggling to style your hair every morning? With a plethora of hair tutorials available on YouTube, you can now say goodbye to bad hair days. From simple everyday styles to intricate updos, there is a channel for everyone looking to up their hair game. Let’s explore some of the best YouTube channels for hair tutorials that will inspire and guide you to achieve the perfect hairstyle effortlessly.

**Cute Girls Hairstyles**

Cute Girls Hairstyles is a must-watch channel for those looking for fun and creative hair tutorials. Founded by Mindy McKnight, this channel features a variety of hairstyles suitable for all hair types and lengths. Whether you’re looking for braids, updos, or simple everyday styles, Cute Girls Hairstyles has got you covered. The tutorials are easy to follow, making it perfect for beginners and seasoned hair enthusiasts alike.

**Kayley Melissa**

Kayley Melissa is a popular hair YouTuber known for her in-depth and detailed hair tutorials. Her channel features a wide range of hairstyles, from elegant updos to casual waves. Kayley’s tutorials are informative and easy to follow, making it a go-to channel for anyone looking to experiment with their hair. Whether you have short hair or long locks, Kayley Melissa provides tips and tricks to help you achieve your desired look.

**The Small Things Blog**

The Small Things Blog, run by Kate Bryan, is a treasure trove of hair tutorials, tips, and tricks. Kate’s channel focuses on easy and achievable hairstyles that are perfect for everyday wear. From quick and simple styles for busy mornings to elegant looks for special occasions, The Small Things Blog has something for everyone. Kate’s friendly demeanor and clear instructions make it easy for viewers to recreate the hairstyles showcased on her channel.

**Luxy Hair**

Luxy Hair is a well-known YouTube channel that offers a wide range of hair tutorials, product reviews, and styling tips. Founded by Mimi and Leyla, Luxy Hair is dedicated to helping viewers achieve salon-worthy hairstyles at home. Whether you’re looking to master the art of braiding or learn how to create glamorous curls, Luxy Hair has a tutorial for you. The channel also features hair care routines and recommendations for maintaining healthy and beautiful hair.


Milabu is a popular beauty and lifestyle YouTuber known for her engaging hair tutorials and styling videos. Milabu’s channel features a mix of trendy and classic hairstyles, making it a great source of inspiration for those looking to switch up their look. From sleek ponytails to messy buns, Milabu offers tutorials that cater to a variety of tastes and preferences. Her detailed explanations and step-by-step demonstrations make it easy for viewers to recreate the hairstyles showcased on her channel.

**In Conclusion**

With the abundance of hair tutorials available on YouTube, mastering the art of hairstyling has never been easier. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned pro, there is a channel out there to help you achieve the perfect hairstyle. From simple everyday looks to intricate updos, these YouTube channels offer a wealth of inspiration and guidance to help you elevate your hair game. So, grab your hair tools and start exploring these top channels for hair tutorials to unleash your creativity and transform your hair into a work of art.