James Franco Long Hair, James Franco Long Hairstyle for Men **2022**

James Franco Long Hair is no stranger to rocking a head of long hair. He has also experimented with rainbow dye and his images of long braids. While it’s true that having a big, bushy mane isn’t for every guy, it would make him a lot more appealing. A man with a full head of hair can look very handsome, even if he’s not the type to take care of it.

James Franco Long Hair

When James Franco starred in the 2006 film “Tristan & Isolde,” he considerably changed his look. The character of Tristan was portrayed by an older Franco, who wore his long, brown hair in soft waves. In addition to the slicked-back haircut, he also sported a clean-shaven face and medieval attire. Later in 2016, James Franco’s long hair opted for a short hairstyle, and he was shirtless for most of the movie.

James Franco Long Hairstyle

James Franco’s long hairstyle is one of the few celebrities with the same look for long hair. His distinctive look reflects his personality, and his style choice reflects his taste in films. In his 2006 film “Annapolis,” he sported a buzzcut and full Navy garb. He perfected military salutes and a thin mustache. In 2013’s “Oz the Great and Powerful,” he sported long hair and a thick mustache. The film earned almost $500 million worldwide, and Franco is still rising.

James Franco Long Haircut

In his 2007 role as Tristan in “Tristan & Isolde,” the actor grew his brown hair in soft waves and wore a shaved face. While his long tresses were short, he had a more dramatic look in the comedy “Why Him?” During much of the film, he wore his shirtless and fake tattoos. This was the only movie where Franco sported James Franco Long haircut long hair in the lead.

James Franco Long Hair, James Franco Long Hairstyle for Men **2022** Long Hairstyle

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