Is a Pixie Cut a Karen Haircut?

Is a Pixie Cut a Karen Haircut? Most people recognize the name from the reality TV star Kate Gosselin, who starred in Jon & Kate Plus 8. She was known for her demanding nature, and her pixie cut has been the most popular style since then.

Karen Haircut

It’s so popular that Karen hairstyles have become Internet memes. You can find numerous images of the Karen hairstyle by typing “Karen haircut” into a search engine and looking for funny pictures of Karen’s face. Most of these photos feature blonde, brassy-orange colored hair that’s a product of an amateur’s over-bleaching and washed-out coloring process. Regardless of the woman’s skin tone, this look is unflattering, and she will end up with a bubblehead.

Karen Hairstyle

The Karen hairstyle originated with an old-fashioned white woman in her middle age. She’s often entitled and demanding, making her a good candidate for the Karen label. The Karen cut is associated with demanding and complaining. If you work in a customer service position, you’ll probably recognize Karen.

Is a Pixie Cut a Karen Haircut? Women Hairstyle

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